Educational Research Competition

The field of education is a very broad vehicle consisting of various scientific disciplines and has a very high relationship in realizing human civilization. Research in the field of education in quantity and quality that is published in reputable journals is still considered minimal, so it is necessary to intensify the research program in the field of education from the level of students to lecturers. The FIP JIP event is the right forum to stimulate research in education.

Education research competition is a special research program in the field of education as an effort to accommodate creative and innovative ideas in solving educational problems, for example the model of street children education services, regional literacy learning models in elementary school students, development of learning methods, educational service issues for children with special needs, guidance and counseling, early childhood learning, supervision and management of education, educational psychology, and education policy.

Educational and Learning Innovation Competition

The Educational and Learning Innovation Competition (LKI2P ) is a creation program that is based on innovation from student initiative and reasoning, is constructive; provide direct benefit value for users.LKI2P products must be on a ready-to-use and functional scale or at least a prototype scale ready to be tested. LKI2P emphasizes the AUTHENTICITY OF IDEAS and not the IMITATION which is tried to be copied to be constructed.

Art Creation Contest

The Art Creation Contest is an activity that accommodates student creativity in an innovative and competitive activity in the arts. The competition is a contest in the field of performing arts which consists of music creation competition, creative dance which emphasis is on artistic, aesthetic, and educational values in a work of art.

Scientific Article Writing Competition and GT Education

Article writing competitions are held in the form of writing competitions for students as agents of change for the environment and the progress of the nation and state.  With a critical understanding and attitude towards the problems in the community, students are expected to be able to put forth ideas, solutions, creative and innovative ways to inspire future development. The scientific writing competition (Article) this year brings the theme ” Nation Children Innovation in Building Young Generation with Quality, Characteristic of Pancasila and Global Insight by Upholding Indonesian Cultural Values

Student Executive Council/ aculty Senate Website Competition

Student Executive Council/Faculty Student Representative Council Website Competition is a web competition between the Student Executive Council of Faculty of Education in designing, developing and managing websites. In this digital era the use of websites is increasingly widespread. The website is a very effective media for pouring ideas and information.

This competition aims to encourage student organizations promotion to the public through the website. This competition can also increase student creativity in designing attractive website display.